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Hi, I’m Jeff Handley and I am celebrating 21 years doing what I love…

Since June 1998, I have traveled the world as a panoramic virtual tour photographer and now 20 years later I am still in demand and love every opportunity to share my passion with you!

I graduated from college in 1991 from NAU getting my degree in Hotel Restaurant Management and had big dreams of opening my own restaurant. I worked towards that goal with many hospitality opportunities including a small coffee company in Seattle named Starbucks and then to a partnership co-owning a homebrew supply store called Homebrewer’s Outpost. These two life experiences literally changed everything for me and were the catalyst for my next adventure with a company called IPIX.

I purchased their first digital 360º camera for $2000 in 1998, founded Enviropix, LLC and as they say, the rest is history. Over the years I learned a ton about what it takes to create a great virtual tour, updated my camera arsenal with the best lenses and was fortunate to meet other enthusiasts willing to share their knowledge with me.

I then took that learned knowledge and discovered an open canvas for what I had to offer and it brought me success in all aspects of my life. I have also experimented with other photographic offerings, but have always landed back with what I know and what I’m best at, which is why I am relaunching myself and my business identity as 360Niche.com


/niCH,nēSH/ A position or activity that particularly suits somebody’s talents and personality or that somebody can make his or her own.


My Passion

Panoramic Photography
Editing with Photoshop
Virtual Tour Building
New Client Engagement